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About Harley White

I write poetry, songs, stories, short and long, works based on fairy tales, among other things. My book called "The Autobiography of a Granada Cat, as told to Harley White" has been published. See info here... Here is the book with pictures in black and white... Here it is with pictures in color... And as an eBook... Here is the domain page for my Mama-cat book... More works of mine are shown here... I am also working on revising many Buddhist Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, shown at the website here... With a poem here... Other poems of mine are at these sites...
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3 Responses to mama-cats-cobbled-street.jpg

  1. Harley?
    This is you, isn’t it! This is lisa coleman from the way back machine. Do you remember me? MaryLou and Gary’s Daughter.
    I just read some of your wonderful poetry, and found a link to this book-which looks fantastic! I shall have to buy it right away!
    Please, if I am not mistaken, can you email me back?
    It would mean a lot.
    Thank You.

    And if I have the wrong person..?… Well, thank you for the good writing!


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